Malaysia Cross Broder

Covered Area: Seamlessly covers countries.

Regions in China and S.E.ASIA as well as Road-Rail to Europe.

Facilities: Fully Smart lock, CCTV, GPS-equipped containers.

Equipment: Container Truck, Flatbed Truck, Curtain Sider Truck, Reefer Container and Low Loader (OOG).

Tracking & Monitoring: 24/7 command centers were set up in MY, TH, VN, CN to monitor value shipment seamlessly.

Offices Locations Gateway Thailand Border: PENANAG-Malaysia.

    • Malaysia to Thailand
    • Malaysia – Laos,
    • Malaysia to Vietnam (Hanoi) Dong Dang, Vietnam
    • Malaysia to Shenzhen, Hunan, China.

Do communicate with us if you need more details as given below or if you have any other questions.

  • Road weight limits
  • Per axel weight
  • Customs clearance duration
  • Broder Formalities
  • Commodity restrictions